Axing the Single Life: Bachelor(ette) Parties

Calling all Maid-of-Honors and Best Men! If you want to kick off an epic bachelorette or bachelor party with an activity that’s fun, quirky, exhilarating and a great way for the entire gang to bond, then plan an axe throwing session for the bride and groom’s nearest and dearest.

With bachelorette and bachelor parties, you’re usually an eclectic group of different ages, personalities, and backgrounds. You all know the bride and groom in your own special way, whether you are related, went to high school or college together, or maybe met each other through work. Some of you may or may not be meeting one another for the first time, so there is naturally a bit of tension or awkwardness in the air.

That’s where axe throwing comes in!

So start your bride’s hen party and your groom’s stag night with a killer icebreaker activity that promises to get everyone well-acquainted, laughing, high-fiving and bonded before the wedding.